Sailor Moon screenshot wallpapers sized for iPhone 4/4s.




Cast of the Broadway production of Disney’s The Lion King.




Okay so! I need money. Thus, here is my first ever commissions post!

Since it’s my first time, I’d like to keep things simple and quick. One figure only, bust or full body. Cute things (aka Neopets, Pokemon, Ponies, Powerpuff Girls, anything else along those lines) are all fullbody. If you purchase one of the higher tiers, process pics will only be sent on request. When I’m done, I’ll send you a high res version of the piece through email. Payment is upfront and through Paypal.

My specialties are cute, pretty and feminine. Please no macho muscle stuff or intricate machinery.

Please contact me through email because tumblr asks/fanmail are sorta unreliable. My email is Please include references!

1. Private - Skylander Trap Shadow





Other text answers (summarized)

Q. Overall, how much money do you spend at artist alleys?

Most people responded with a value between $20—$100, but some spend even more than that ^O^

Q. Any other suggestions you would like to give stall holders?

  • Try to offer various large prints
  • Some people feel more comfortable if there are 2 people behind stall
  • Don’t be a persistent seller and call people out if they don’t buy any of your stuff!
  • Bags are a huge bonus
  • Deals like “buy 2 for $___” attract people too!
  • "Food is good and makes it all good in the hood" (i’m assuming this applies as advice to the stall holders LMAO)
  • Have a range of older and current anime
  • Post the price lists next to items so it won’t be awkward for people who just happen to not have enough… /sweats
  • Having a good attitude in general is very important

A while ago I made an artist alley survey to try see what kind of things buyers expect from artists when they go to an anime convention. I don’t have enough time to analyse this properly, so please interpret the results at your own discretion since the sample size is only 29. I’m assuming that this is also based off the North American anime conventions, so the results may vary between countries, so please take that into account too.

I hope this helps people with deciding what they’re going to sell yeah! Thank you to everyone who voted, the survey is still accepting responses if you want a say in it, but other than that good luck with con preparations!

As op has kindly noted, do bear in mind that the sample size is small, and relevance may vary (e.g., depending on factors such as where you are located geographically, type of event, your particular art style/subject matter etc. etc.). But still, it’s interesting and very cool to see actual data on this graphed, and it’s good to hear others’ thoughts/get some level of feedback instead of working away in a bubble. And if you’re starting from nothing you may as well have something to reference/benchmark against!


posting pictures of my pupydog because she’s worth it




whether that means sun bathing on the beach, grilling in the backyard, urinating outside a convenience store with a slushie in hand or reading indoors by the fan, any types of summer scenes and any types of characters are welcome!!

the foreground will be fully illustrated with a minimal background that does not touch the edge of the canvas.the prices above are for single character commissions, with each additional character being only $2 extra. 

full bleed backgrounds, nsfw content, and simply animated elements of the setting (like fan blades, light or grill smoke) are also all negotiable for slightly more!!

e-mail me at since tumblr messages are a little unreliable. if you want some info on why you should spread this post please refer to this other post - long story short, i need money



Opening these up again because i’m almost done with my last batch. Replies may be a little late later on.

Info is here!!

If you’re interested please comment or note me on weasyl or contact me at



The latest product in Premium Bandai’s Miracle Romance cosmetics line is a perfume!

I don’t have time to do a full translation, but it looks like it’s a very involved scent. It’s a “white floral” fragrance with citrus and fruit undertones.
I don’t know what the pyramid means (yet) but the layers are:
Bergamot, Lemon, Green Apple, Peach
Rose, Peony, Jasmine
Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla

Price: 5,400円

bunny-on-cahuenga: The Pyramid is meant to show top, mid, and base notes! As you wear the perfume, you’ll smell the top notes first, then mid, and as it’s wearing off you’ll smell the base :D

Ah, I wondered! Thank you for the information, that sounds lovely!



this is from an actual 40 minute OVA and it’s possibly the most mind blowing thing i have ever witnessed 

I can’t tell if I like things ironically or unironically anymore.


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