Little nugget of advice that really changed the way I approached painting. When I started blending like this it was a real turning point for my art quality.

Forgot to add that lighting conditions and other variables in a piece make the hardness you want to choose somewhat variable. Drawing things like skin is more of a hardness range than it is a hard rule. 

Eheh…get it? Hard rule? (aaaaaaaaaand i’m done). 

Haa thanks, I can’t even put into words how unappealing the overuse of a soft brush is when rendering. There have even been otherwise expertly painted images that were (in my opinion) ruined by that overly soft ‘airbrush’-y look that soft edged brushes give off. 

I mean, I just really hate soft edged brush in most cases. It’s definitely the fact that you can’t read any real confidence in the brush strokes of a soft edged brush. It makes it really difficult to nail down any solid shapes or forms in your painting. Weak vagueness both in brush strokes and with shape and form is generally not a good thing when painting.

 If I can tell a soft edge brush was used (a lot) in an image, I probably won’t like how it’s been applied.




dude, all i had seen of this were gifs before and i had thought that was garrett from mega64 for the longest time. the walls of my mind are crumbling.

The joke was always that it looked like Garrett, but it never was. You’ve been coaxed into a snafu.





We have reached over 100 million trades on the GTS, and to celebrate this, a new Vivillon pattern has been released!

Go to your “Mystery Gift” and download through the internet! This download will be available from July 7th/8th (depending on your part of the world) to July 31st!


moon eternal make up | nehellenia arc version


please lord help me to not fight my classmates



boulder opal


Offering 15$ watercolors


I’ve got a bit of a need for cash, so I’m offering these for a little while! Here is an approximate range of colors I can work with. Thanks!

I may keep these as a constant option, but it really depends on how it goes - I’m sorta limited on how often I can work with traditional stuff!




Osamu Tezuka

Chippo-kun Konnichiwa is about an odd kitten named Chippo who loves and protects mice because he was raised by one.

"Rose of nobility...Please, come forth!"