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And this is exactly what I hate the most in report after report about the Mike Brown Case- that there must always be caveats on our humanity as black people. It can never be that in his black body he had just as much right to live as a white person, that his life and humanity mattered and must be respected. No, as black people we always have to try and justify our worth to the world, even after we’ve been murdered in cold blood. The fact that we are human is never enough for people to have sympathy for us in our loss, and it’s disgusting. Did you hear people talking about the white kids shot in Columbine as being “quiet,” “respectful” what have you in order for us to care? It shouldn’t matter that Mike Brown was “quiet,” it shouldn’t matter that he was “respectful” (such a loaded term in and of itself) for his public execution in front of his community to be both illegal and immoral. Black life should matter regardless and headlines like this CBS news article just work to perpetuate respectability politics, antiblackness and the denigration of black life in this country and across the world. 




For anyone who doesn’t know who Michael Brown is or what’s been going on in Ferguson

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Michael Brown was an 18 year old that was killed by a Ferguson Police Officer on Saturday, August 9th.  His family is now seeking justice for Michael’s death.  Their pursuit for justice will be lengthy and hard but with the support of the community they will get justice.  If you are willing to support Michael’s family please donate to Michael Brown’s Memorial Fund.  These funds will assist his family with costs that they will acquire as they seek justice on Michael’s behalf.  All funds will be given to the Michael Brown family.  We appreciate your support.
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H* Special: Mike Brown and Ferguson

What the hell happened in Ferguson? (x, x, x, x, x)

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This is a really great podcast that a friend suggested to me, and I highly recommend everyone follows it, but this episode is obviously of huge importance right now. Please, please listen to it if you can at work or home. 



If there was ever a time to NOT be using “poc” it’s now. Do not generalize. Do not say “what poc are going through!”. It’s black people. What BLACK PEOPLE are going through. It’s not generalized racism, it’s anti-black racism and this is a time to be direct and listen to /black/ people and talk about black people.





Help the fight against police brutality!

You should definitely do this, but please be safe and knowledgeable about it! Here are some resources for how to safely film/photograph police brutality, as well as information on YOUR rights as you do so:

Please be aware that different states have different laws on the matter.  Check into them so you can know you specific laws, and what to expect if you film the police.  Also check with your state’s chapter of the ACLU; many of them have tips on this matter, and some have pocket foldouts of your rights that you can use to convince the police that no, you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Stay woke.



Michael Brown’s family has respectfully asked the people of the internet to please stop posting the photo of their son after he had been shot in the street, I understand that you can’t just “remove a thing from the internet” but I’ve seen the photo turn up a number of times on my dash today (sometimes several times from the same one or two blogs) so please, share the story without that particular image. I know they probably aren’t going to be scoping out your personal blog but still, it’s a matter of respect, you don’t need to exploit their grief to raise awareness for what happened.



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