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How big are your drawings pixel/resolution wise? I've been wanting to give line art another try (i found out you have big files so the detail of the lines aren't noticeable and you don't do all of them with one stroke!!) I do my things at 200 resolution pixels/inch


Well it’s not just the dpi that matters!  You could have a 200 dpi image that’s only 400 x 400 pixels, and you’re still going to get some pretty shitty artifacting from your strokes. :)

I work at 8.5 x 11”, 300 dpi at the least, but most of my finished pieces are 11 x 17” and up.  This is some of my lineart at 100%, par exemple:


high resolution is a must, even if you’re just downsizing it and posting it online- it allows you a sharpness and level of control that you can’t get at basic screen resolution.  You can get away with 150-200 dpi, I’m sure, but I wholly suggest upgrading to 300 and up!

It’s also awesome if you ever need to resize your work for promotional purposes- if you’re working in the 300+ dpi range, you have a lot more leeway for what’s going to look good on a giant banner. :D



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"Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars."






Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest and has waited patiently because it’s finally up! 

Things available for purchase include buttons, t-shirts, comics, and assorted prints. Unfortunately this will only be open until the end of this summer because come fall I will be moving away for college (and leaving all my things behind…!!). I don’t know when I will next be able to open shop after that.

As bonus, with each purchase you get a free doodle! Just tell me what you want me to draw in the notes prior to checkout—or don’t, and let me surprise you :0

Just wanted to add, my Monobear/Clara shirts are now on sale for $12 and $18!

Update: I’ll be closing my storenvy in about a month because of school. If you want to buy something please make sure to order soon!



Hey everyone! I’m trying to earn some money back to help pay off bills and school tuition, so while I’m in-between looking for work and drawing the webcomic, I thought I’d sell a bunch of stuff I no longer/rarely use!

So here’s the breakdown/requirements;


  •  I’ll be shipping to U.S Residents ONLY ( Sorry Intl folks, but the less forms I gotta deal with, the easier. )
  •  All Items will be shipped via USPS priority.
  • There will be a flat rate of $5 for shipping BUT if you buy over $25 worth of stuff, the shipping will be free.
  • Paypal only!


  • E-mail me at BITTERMAUSE at GMAIL.COM and give me the item #’s you wish to purchase,etc. I will E-mail you back the total and Paypal information.
  • All purchases are on a first come first serve basis! I’m trying to get this stuff out ASAP, so I will not be doing any reserves.
  • If you have any issues, please let me know as soon as possible.

ITEMS: ——————————

#1. Copic Sketch Marker 24 pc with Wallet // PRICE: $96.00 

Contains 24 markers plus a vinyl wallet with a pocket to carry additional markers. Some markers from it’s original package are replaced with other colors. Please see the Swatch chart for details. All markers have been tested both sides.
NOTE: If you wish to buy the set but want to exchange a color with one of the available individuals, please let me know! 

#2. Copic Sketch Markers ( Individuals ) // PRICE: $4.00 each
Please check the Swatch chart for details. If you’re interested in the wallet pack but want to trade out a color for one of the individual markers, please let me know! All markers have been tested both sides.

#3. Zig Millenium Fine Line Pens // PRICE: $7.00 (pack only)
4 Zig Millenium Pens in a plastic case. Includes 01, 03, 05, and 08.

#4. Prismacolor Markers ( Individuals ) // PRICE: $3.00 each ( $2.50 for ones dotted )
All markers have been tested. Ones with only the working flat tips are discounted as seen on the chart.

#5. Windsor & Newton drawing ink 8C set // PRICE: $25.00
Drawing inks in 8 different colors. Barely used.

#6. Mini fine liner pen ( 8 pack ) // PRICE:  $2.50

#7. Loew Cornell Oil Color set ( 12 pack ) // PRICE: $5.00
Never been used, despite the box being beat up.

#8. Cray Pas Jr. Oil Pastels ( 25 pack ) // PRICE: $3.00

#9. Phoenix Quality Gouache color set // PRICE: $4.00
11 pc color set. Black tube is missing.

Copper Paint Tray: Free if you buy either the gouache or oil paints.

Again if any of this stuff appeals to you, go ahead and e-mail me at Bittermause at If you can’t buy anything but would still like to show support, please re-blog this post! It would really, REALLY help!

KEEP IN MIND That the original post will update around the clock so be sure to check back at my Tumblr for changes, plus I will bulk ship items this Friday. Thank you!



UPDATED JULY 21st 2014 - new examples!

☆ Ink ($20 USD) + per additional character ($15 USD)
☆ Watercolor ($25 USD) + per additional character ($20 USD)

  • Backgrounds negotiable
  • 3 characters max per piece
  • No NSFW (nudity + mild gore allowed)
  • All payments via PayPal in USD
  • Non-commercial use only

Email me at with requests titled as “Commission Request”. Basic guidelines include that I reply to you first before you send payment and payment must be paid first before I start on your commission.

Also as a reminder for interest: since these are traditionally drawn/painted pieces, each original drawing is available for purchase! Prices will be negotiable upon request c:
Thank you!

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I saw a post about Coach Steven and I wondered about your opinion. It said that the Sugilite (the fusion of the two black-coded characters) formed a beast, but when formed with the white-coded gem, formed a graceful ballerina warrior. I really like SU and I kind of headcanon Pearl to be POC (Japanese maybe? I'm not sure and kinda dumb when it comes to those things) but I never noticed a problem until now. D:



I’m going to put this behind a read more because I know there are people who have not had the chance to see this episode yet, if you haven’t you can watch it here. then come back and read this because it contains spoilers.

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This is something that’s actually been bugging me since I saw the episode and wasn’t sure how to bring it up.  Not really thrilled about some of the implications behind Sugilite and her design.  I also agree with folks who are saying she’s based on a Lion Dog, but I think this criticism still stands.


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