free money!

no, really!

so i’ve come across two ways of getting gift cards/amazon/paypal credit by doing menial tasks and i figured they’d be useful to you guys:

Featurepoints - If you have a smartphone, you’re rewarded for downloading and trying out apps for a certain amount of time. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection or the points might not go through!

Bing Rewards - I’ve only recently discovered this one. You basically get points for using Bing as your search engine! Set it as the default search engine for your browser and you’re sure to earn points. 

If anyone knows any other offers like these, let me know!


Pixel Brush


Hey guys! A lot of you are asking about my recent textures and how to do them. I’m normally a cardboard-photo-texture-set-to-overlay-on-a-layer-above-your-drawing kinda gal, but lately I’ve been messing around with new grittier stuff.

so here’s my hard pixel airbrush made in photoshop. It’s super fun.



Load the image in photoshop. Select the whole canvas and go to Edit> Define Brush Preset. Select this brush from your brush menu.

Now go to brush settings and use these settings:




I would just upload the brush file itself but I don’t know how to do that. I ain’t a wizard. I don’t know how all the world works! Whatever! Learn how to make brushes yourself!! It’s very useful!

This brush is best used in high resolution (always work in high res!) It looks like soft grit when zoomed out, but when you get up close, you can see all the hard pixels.


penelope staring towards the sky, contemplating existence



More lies from the police. It does not stop.

Early morning, Sunday, October 12th


anyway i should write this stuff down before i forget it

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I guess by “unusual name,” they mean “not white sounding.”

"Exotic moniker" ok but who’s the celebrity that named their kid moxy crimefighter? And private inspektor? Nicholas cage named his kid Kal-El. So…



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dicks-n-dentatas whispered:

dear polly, recently I got a highly prestigious apprenticeship under a bunch of really talented artists. the problem is they're all supercrackers and casual racism and sexism is the norm. full disclosure: I am also a supercracker. Is there any way to balance having to struggle up from the bottom and also being like, a semidecent human being other than frowning and withdrawing from conversations involving racism? p.s. hair is super cute I hope L.A. is still nice pls draw dicks forever


AHH congrats!!! And thank you!!!!

I think it’s something everyone struggles with and you have to kinda decide for yourself how much shittiness you’ll put up with to help your own career.

here’s my general advice on these situations:

  • you don’t have to decide right now. you can work that prestigious apprenticeship for a while and you can quit later if you don’t like it
  • for your own safety, ask people who have worked with them before their opinion of them as coworkers. shitty comments are one thing but only ppl that have worked with them know what it’s like. they’ll tell you all the red flags and you can decide for yourself what you’re willing to put up with.
    • ex: i was warned about working on Clarence by multiple people before it came out that Skyler Page had been sexually assaulting his coworkers
  • you never just get ONE job opportunity. NEVER make a decision based on the idea that this will be your only chance at climbing up the ladder. if you want to turn an opportunity down, you can. there will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be others.
  • some times being complicit is necessary to make good change. if you don’t feel comfortable with making a stir and risking your career, it’s not something to beat yourself up over. we all need to do what we can to survive in this world. question your actions, question your assumptions, keep growing. just try your best.
  • IF you’re comfortable, call your coworkers and superiors out for shitty behavior. stay professional. be prepared to drop a conversation and laugh it off if it goes downhill. questioning someone’s assumption in a professional environment is enough to make a difference, even if it doesn’t change their mind right away. be prepared to be labeled ‘the angry feminist’ or ‘the sensitive one’. if you call people out, be prepared to be pushed out of important professional circles (and don’t worry too much if you are- it happens. you get past it)
  • there are always likeminded people in your industry! find ‘your people’ (feminists, social activists, general perverts, etc) and stick with them. help them out! these people are the ones that will pull you up and help you in the long run. don’t feel like you need to spend your whole life kissing ass to racists and sexists in order to get anywhere (kissing ass is only part of it, haha)

I hope this helps!



More pictures of the new Sailor Moon Prism Compact that was just announced!



Balenciaga S/S 2015



The 10 Phrases I’ve Stopped Saying And The People Who Appreciate Me For It (via Upworthy)

It’s pretty common for people to use disability metaphors like “That guy is crazy!” or “This weather is so bipolar” without giving it a second thought. It’s important to realize how these words and metaphors can affect people with disabilities and perpetuate stigmas surrounding mental health. If you’ve never thought about the impact these words can have, you’re in luck because this chart provides some common disability metaphors and easy alternatives!

ps. Special thanks to m-arkiplier for inspiring me to create this graphic! (and for his permission to use his post) For more info on why it’s important to be conscious of the metaphors we use, check out this HuffPost article ”10 Reasons to Give Up Ableist Language.”