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Aldo Radrizzani’s Schmidt Archive




****$10 Halloween Icon Commissions!!****

You get a 300x300px .png portrait of your OC or yourself similar to the ones above! Just send me a pic (clean please!) at pennycandystudios(at)gmail.com, and I will invoice you for $10. 

Paypal (USD) only! Must pay before I start drawing. If using a different email address for paypal, please note that in your email! 

Your OC or self will be transformed into a spooky character of my choosing. Vampire, ghost, mummy, werewolf, skeleton, pumpkin, etc. etc. You MAY specify if there’s anything you absolutely wouldn’t want, though. :> 

You may order multiples! Just attach whatever refs you need to your email. 

• Anything else, just ask! 


Shown above are icons for swssart, adookable, swinsea, and shawnrpryor on twitter! 

Still accepting commissions! YEAHHHH let’s get spooky everybody! 



the way we idolize great artistic creators, writers, directors, musicians, etc who have had a history of abusing others is a problem

attempting to separate the art from the artist is the most obvious way that we put the experiences of white men above all others

that somehow the ‘objective’ view of the art exists separately of the abuse basically separates the experience of the ‘white male society’ and ‘everyone else’ and defines the victim’s perspective as ‘subjective’ right from the start

woody allen, john lennon, stanley kubrick, roman polanski: when the abuse happens so frequently and consistently with our most revered artists we need to stop attempting to ignore the problem by saying their abuse exists separately from their art

we need to start considering that something about how we value art is fundamentally flawed

that ‘good’ or ‘bad’ taste might be coded to actually mean ‘abuser’ and ‘victim’



Um, so for obvious reasons, i couldn’t post the full version of the promo poster i did. Its so exciting to finally see these episodes air and for the fandom to see them. This really is the beginning of the show and its going places, just you wait!


Oh God Commissions


hey i dont have the time or energy to make a new Proper commissions post rn BUT UH


im literally living paycheck to paycheck right now, and with con season coming up, i’ve been (inadvertently?) spending more than i usually do!

so here’s the dealio!

10 bucks for a sketch (+5 per extra character, background, etc)

15 bucks for lines (+7.5 ””)

20 for flat colours (+10 ””)

and $30 for fully rendered with a little decorative background (like… some graphic element) (+15 ””)

i also do pixels up to 200x200, $15 plain or $20 for a little ~5 frame animation (so like… blinking or something)

ALSO, i can do painted digital portraits! like some of the newer pieces on my art blog, starting at $50

and they dont have to be real people, or people at all! (if you do want a ~realistic portrait~ of an oc or cartoon or whatever, a faceclaim would be helpful though, if only because otherwise ill have to pick my own and that could lead to.. questionable results)

anyway! my paypal is soldatseven@aol.com

thank you very much, and please reblog!!!!



White on White by Chasity Garner.


man sometime this past year or maybe even last year i reblogged this “misandry is real too uwu” post and i just wanna apologize for that lmao