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20 March 14

Makoto Takahashi
Happy spring ! ♥


Makoto Takahashi

Happy spring ! ♥

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atarimonkey asked: What kind of photoshop brushes are you using for colouring?, they look great!


I’m very interested in warm, watercoloured like brushes. I’m currently changing my set. i found some great ones here:

I’m doing some tests with them:

And I found the awesome Kyle T.Webster site. He sells his sets, I picked the watercolour one (cs6)… it’s huge.

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19 March 14

my best friend is sick :(

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18 March 14

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Oh brave new world, with such people in it!

This was BY FAR my favorite monster of the week episode. 

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17 March 14




Don’t shame the girls who sent pictures of themselves half-naked to their significant others as a way to express eroticism which is healthy and natural… give the people hell who think it’s okay to destroy someone’s trust and distribute those images simply for entertainment purposes. 

Say it again. I don’t think they got it the first time. Too much truth.



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16 March 14


hello hello I made another tiny zine!

this one is called some short tips for the growing artist!

It’s a simple little book full of short and sweet reminders or inspiring tips for when you’re feeling down or frustrated with your art. It’s by no means a complete list of things artists should keep in mind, but it’s a good start! Follow all of them or some of them and keep it in your pocket just in case you need a quick pick-me-up.

Also can you tell I like taking photos of my things outside B,)

you can get one in my store! ;w;

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15 March 14


Makoto Takahashi

My scans from artbook ” Makoto Takahashi no Sekai” ♥

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Darn it…Me getting Will into Madoka Magica and him wanting to get figures of the characters makes me want to get figures of them too…

Sigh. Which one should I go for?

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