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22 March 14

Makoto Takahashi
My scans from artbook ” Makoto Takahashi no Sekai” ♥


Makoto Takahashi

My scans from artbook ” Makoto Takahashi no Sekai” ♥

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REBLOG and win a free set! The most true-to-life watercolor brushes ever created for Photoshop, available right here, Friends: Kyle’s Real Watercolors for Photoshop. KYLEBRUSH.COM

40 brushes with realistic watercolor effects - no added textures, overlays or filters are required. Simply choose a brush and start painting.

Three Tumblr users who reblog this post will be selected as winners on Sunday, March 23rd.

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21 March 14

Happy International Women’s Day!
(A woman can preach, a woman can work, a woman can fight. A woman can build, can rule, can conquer, can destroy just as much as a man can.)
[sorry if your favorites are not included, I was going mainly for human women, or human-like women. So, no animals in this set. Also there is over 30 gifs. I couldn’t fit them all anyways.]

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Guys, if any of you have any triggers you want me to tag please tell me. 

  • I don’t care if it’s embarrassing
  • That’s why anon exists
  • I will literally tag whatever triggers you have
  • Especially if it’s a phobia 

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20 March 14

Makoto Takahashi
Happy spring ! ♥


Makoto Takahashi

Happy spring ! ♥

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atarimonkey asked: What kind of photoshop brushes are you using for colouring?, they look great!


I’m very interested in warm, watercoloured like brushes. I’m currently changing my set. i found some great ones here:

I’m doing some tests with them:

And I found the awesome Kyle T.Webster site. He sells his sets, I picked the watercolour one (cs6)… it’s huge.

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19 March 14

my best friend is sick :(

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18 March 14

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Oh brave new world, with such people in it!

This was BY FAR my favorite monster of the week episode. 

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