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like i wasnt gonna draw every hot ppl on earth



A comic I made for Westpride last spring. 






Something for my feminist theory class.

I’d love to see the reactions to this from a crowd. I can kind of imagine a quiet, solemn understanding from the ladies and a lot of confused questions from the guys… If my memory of art school serves me.

In 9th grade English we read Laurie Halse Anderson’s “Speak”. For those of you who haven’t read it, the author makes it abundantly clear that the teenage protagonist, Melinda, was raped, before the protagonist actually says it.

Our English teacher asked the boys in the class what happened to Mel. They came up with the most ridiculous answers. Every girl in the class just knew.

This just goes to show…

Not all men menace women, but yes all women have felt menaced by a man.

Every girl understands this because every girl knows the fear implicit in this image.



like damn how hard is it to say “boyfriend” “love of my life” etc. instead of bae how hard it is to say “you look good!” instead of werk or slay how hard is it to literally go back to the way you spoke before it became cool to talk like black people





See that adorable little fluff ball? His name was Gizmo, he was one of the happiest little pup pups that I have ever seen. He loved his family and every minute he cold spend with my mom.

One day, we gave him a busy bone as a treat. A few hours after eating it, he starting acting really odd. He wasn’t acting odd and barely reacted to anything. 

We didn’t really think anything of it because he was a pretty odd little pup and we thought he just he had to poop or something. So we went to bed and everything like normal.

The next day, he was even worse. He didn’t move at all, and threw up everything he tried to eat or drink. My mom called the vet and they said to just let it go for the night because he was probably just a little ill. 

Gizmo just kept getting worse and worse. He could barely life his head and laid around all day long. Finally, my mom brought him into the vet and she told them about what was going on and they decided to do an X-Ray on him.

After the results came in, they noticed a large blockage in Giz’s intestines. They called my mom so she could bring him in for emergency surgery. 

After surgery, the vet came out with a sample of what was blocking his intestines. As soon as my mom saw it, she knew exactly what it was. 

Busy Bone.

They said they extracted as much as they could, but it was hard because he was only about 10 pounds and surgery is hard on little dogs. We picked him up from the vet a few hours later so he could have a chance to wake up. When we picked him up, he was still under the anesthesia and not very responsive. We still brought him home because it was either that or leave him at the vet overnight alone.

When we got home, all of my other animals got next to the kennel to see what was wrong. 

They knew.

About an hour after getting home, Gizmo passed away at only 4 years old.

I then wrote a very angry letter to Purina (the owners of Busy Bone) telling them what happened. I heard back the next day, and we started our claim. 

They talked to Gizmo’s vet who told them is was definitely the Busy Bone that had caused his death. Purina paid us for the cost of the surgery just to shut us up and left us. 

I am telling you this story as a warning, I know that Busy Bones are a popular treat to give dogs, but I am begging you

Please do not feed your dogs Busy Bones. 

Gizmo’s life couldn’t be saved, but your dog still has a chance.



You are not weak, you are not dumb, and you are not selfish- for being a normal human being. Don’t put yourself down for these things!

coloredcanvas93 whispered:

Hi! I wanted to say that I adore your art, and I am a huge fan of SU! What I wanted to know is how you got recruited? I am an artist and an aspiring animator, and if you have any tips I'd love to hear them!


Thank you!! im pretty this happened because the crew saw my comics and fanart and took a liking to them!! and then one day i was asked to do a storyboard test, which i guess went pretty well considering!!!

i think as far as tips go, just draw what you love and what you want, and put your all into it!!! and always always always put your name/url on your stuff, because your work can and will get around, and typically when people are too lazy to credit you they’ll also be too lazy to remove your watermark.

another thing i would suggest is not to wait for a school to teach you. draw and do and learn, either by actually taking the time to study, or just organically by trial and error and time!!! also you should buy the animators survival kit. 

have fun most importantly!!! love what you do, and don’t do it just because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do. 


i wanna find a way to replicate this kind of holographic/prismatic pattern in photoshop hmm





Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Artbooks (6/?)